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Originally Posted by luminol View Post
Kate Bush would never want to be part of this notoriously dysfunctional band. She's extremely private and doesn't enjoy performing live, historically. After her very first tour she never toured again. Yes, her London Hammersmith residency a few years back was insanely popular and great, had a number of friends fly overseas for it and it blew their minds, but having a 13 date residency in your nearest hometown is a lot different from joining an aging and endlessly dramatic band loaded with baggage on a world tour. I'm sure she'd rather live in peace with her family, any day of the week.

I love and adore Susanna Hoffs. Interesting idea that I could see sort of working. Though anyone who would sign up to "replace Stevie" is just begging to be heckled for the rest of their lives by Stevie's crowd, and I would not wish that on SH or anyone else I love for that matter. haha.
Was Bekka ever heckled when she replaced Stevie? My brother saw a FM show with Bekka and he said it was good and she did a great job, and that the crowd reacted positively. No one has heckled FM on this tour, despite one or two people here saying they wanted to, and I don't see people spending a lot of money to heckle the band in protest.

My brother is a huge Kate Bush fan, and the reasons you listed were much along the same lines of my thinking. The idea of her touring with FM is hard to see, considering her solo tours in the past. But on paper, she sounds ideal.

Susanna Hoffs is interesting to me, too. I can't really think of a negative for her. And I could see FM performing Manic Monday, although I shiver at the idea of Lindsey or Christine Walking Like Egyptians!
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