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Originally Posted by kak125 View Post
If you go on the sirius website or app you can listen to this now. It should be under the on demand section. Mike Campbell & Stevie talked about playing Stop Draggin on the tour and they asked Neil Finn if they would do any Crowded House songs and she said yes!
They asked her what she will miss most about Lindsey and she said those early years were amazing and then talked about joining fm etc and she respects who they are and what they did and it will always be a part of her heart. Their relationship was never easy and it was always voilatile and always about the music. Its like old married couples and itís hard and she is sad and she just wants to be happy. She sings around her house and wants that youthful feeling again and she feels it now like she is 20 and this is the beginning of something happy and everyone in this room is happy. Neil likes playing World Turning and Christine said he nailed it. Neil & Christine get along well.
Mick said there was no doubt to move on after Lindsey way gone and it needed a lot if thought. It had to be heartfelt and really right for the legacy. There were huge convos about it and it was challenging.
Mick said fired is ugly and not a happy situation and a muscle memory of being hugely not fun.
Stevie may be a treacherous you know what but I am beginning to think Christine is a senile old hag.
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