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Originally Posted by Lola View Post
I'm still sorting out my thoughts and feelings on this situation. My heart is barely beating. I posted somewhere on another thread it's as if the Mac brought me to the mountaintop with Christine's return, the tour, BuckVie album and tour.
Then just as I reached the summit I was flung off.

On a mental level tho this article best describes my thoughts. If FM is going to do something they're going to do it in the most FM way. What could be more FM than this latest development/sarc. I keep thinking about the movie Sid and Nancy. Nancy always talked about 'going out in a blaze of glory' but you know how that went. Unglorified!
Very well stated. All the bands craziness has the rest of us feeling rather crazy as well. Like what are we supposed to make of this yet on some level it's almost funny because as stated it is the Mac-iest darn move possible. Like I'm having a weird kind of laugh/cry response. I really just want a final album. Don't care one way or the other about the tour. I think they're all surprisingly at the top of their game just listening to recent work and combinations (and heck, I may be an odd one out but I really love SYW for that matter). So much potential to make incredible new music but nope, gotta get all wrapped up in typical Mac drama. I'm sad/mad and just have to laugh I guess. The article amused me deeply because it was written from the same kind of snarky/bummed place I seem to be stuck in.

It's just Fleetwood Mac being Fleetwood Mac. And somehow all of us diehard fans are sitting here loving them inspire of our frustration. Like they've pulled us all in with them.
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