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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
Back in 87 it was weird, but they were in their 40,s and had an album to promote, Tango in the Night. I missed Lindsey, but I enjoyed the tours I saw with Billy and Rick. Especially after they did Behind the Mask.

Now, it's 2018 and they are in their 70,s. This was supposed to be the farewell tour. Chris is back. I can't imagine what happened that made Lindsey get fired or leave, but this is bad. I love Mike Campbell and Neil Finn, but this is no longer Fleetwood Mac.

When Lindsey Left in 87, he had been in the band for 12 years. Since 1997 when he returned, he's been a member for over 20 years. This time it feels different and not in a good way. I have been a devoted, faithful fan since 1975. But I think I will pass on this one. No new material, so it will be oldies but goodies once again and I guess some Crowded House material? Tom Petty tunes?

I think maybe this time they should have forgone the tour and if they want to stay together, go into the studio. My personal opinion is that is what drove Lindsey away. No new material.
According to a Variety update the reason was that Lindsey wants to focus on his solo work, while the rest of the band wants to tour.
Even if they had contractual obligations to abide (I suppose the tour was already partly settled legally and economically speaking) they could have handled it better without Lindsey being out from the band.
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