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Originally Posted by Wdm6789 View Post
I just recently found out about this documentary it features Fleetwood Mac. I was wondering if anyone had purchased it or seen it. If so, thoughts? Do they show full performances from the bands? If so, what songs did they show for Fleetwood Mac? Are any of them the ones that got cut from the Mirage 1982 HBO thing?

EDIT: I just checked YouTube for videos from the 1982 US festival, of course they have videos of every other band performing but no Fleetwood Mac videos.
All the informations are on the facebook page:
It's been 2 or 3 years now that the documentary is to be released, I sincerely forgot about it.
The last update is from February 2013 and says:

Dear Us Festival Fans.....we know there are many thousands of you out there clamoring to see the Us Festival: Us Generation 1982 doc feature and/or Us Festival 1983 Days 1 - 3. The following is a short update and please be patient as we are working very hard to bring you the most complete programs that fully recapture the spirit and essence of the 1982 & 1983 amazing events.
US FESTIVAL 1983 DAYS 1 - 3: In final stages of negotiations with Global Download & Streaming Services and retail DVD/Home Video. Release dates to be determined soonest.
US FESTIVAL 1982: THE US GENERATION (doc feature): In post production. We recently concluded deals with DVD/Home Video Companies in US & Japan. Upon completion of the film we will announce our distribution partners and release dates.
Thanks again Us Festival fans for your continued interest in the projects. You've waited 30 years, so I sincerely hope you can wait a few more months.
Sincere regards,
Glenn Aveni
Director - The Us Festival Projects

The promo released in 2013 showed 2 seconds from the Sisters of the moon performance. You can see it here:

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