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Originally Posted by bethelblues View Post
I actually wonder how long it takes the band to relearn songs (and what that process is like) when they either have never performed them live or haven't played them in a long time. Obviously I'm not talking about Dreams or Go Your Own Way. Do the songs return instantly by memory, do they have sheet music or chord reminders (though Lindsey doesn't read music, right?), do some songs take a long time and do they always want to put that effort in, etc.
From personal experience, I would think that it wouldn't take that long to brush up on older songs that haven't been performed in a while. Especially if the particular song was a regular in the set list for a tour or two previously (regardless of how long ago). When you play a song that much, it sticks in your may forget the flow of the arrangement, but the song itself would pretty much come back as you were playing it. I would think that a song they haven't performed at ALL would obviously take a little longer to put together...unless it is one that is fresh in their minds from recording it.

The only fly in the ointment would be if there was the necessity of changing the key of the song (drastically, to where it just wouldn't be a matter of the guitarist changing the fret of a capo)...that would take some work...since playing a song in a certain key for so long, you'd have that "muscle memory" of going to specific chords or riffs in the original key. It would take a while to get the song to flow in the new key.
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