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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post
Hypothetically assuming I didn't care for all the drama and betrayals there was, I wouldn't pay to hear those 3 ruined voices anyway. Fleetwood Mac gigs ended in 2014 to me.
Honestly those 2014 gigs were really good and a great way to end it for me. I didn't see BuckVie but am going to Lindsey's show in September. That'll give me a fix. I won't say I won't ever attend anything Fleetwood Mac again but it would be a hard sell and only if it involved the Rumours lineup and not some nonsense with Neil or Mike. YouTube videos of the 2018-19 shows showed me that I didn't miss anything. That most reviews (professional and online) identified the special moments during the show to be Don't Dream It's Over and Free Fallin' was just embarrassing. With 50 years of songs to make a set from, two covers shouldn't be the high point of the show.

Stevie's flex of power to get Lindsey fired was just ridiculous. 70 year olds acting like children.
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