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I've read through the DC thread that got closed. And now I'm reading through this thread.

Anyone on here knows I'm the biggest Christine fan (with the exception of Macfan57--wherever you are!). But I can understand how more than a few people are disappointed by the way she and LB sound on this tour. The videos are rough indeed.

But that's something we have to remember: they're videos. I remember seeing FM twice on the last tour. When I saw them in Buffalo, I was overjoyed to witness what I thought was the best version of SYLM I'd heard in years. Everyone sounded great! Then I went to YouTube the following week and watched it again. Everything and everyone sounded awful. There is a distinct difference between the concert-goer's experience and the home viewer's experience. It does not surprise me at all that those who are attending the shows are having a great time. The arrangements and performances are tailored to a live theatre

I am disappointed that neither LB nor CM are playing as much as they could be, but hey, I am just happy I got this magnificent album of songs, which is more than I could have hoped for at this stage.

One more note: I have often felt the same way about Stevie's live performances these days. Some of her vocals, like Christine's, are cringe-worthy. It happens. They're all getting older. The difference is that Stevie still exerts an urgency and energy that give her performances an added lift. She still has an "attack." I only mention Stevie at all here because a comparison between the two singers was made in the DC thread.

But, again, we still have all this new music. For that, I'm overjoyed.
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