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Originally Posted by PDB View Post
If "Time" featured the Rumours lineup, I think many of the songs could have been greatly improved by Lindsey's production. This inspired me to do a cover of "Winds of Change", which you can hear here:

I'm not looking for critiques of the performance. I am not a professional musician. I'm just very happy with how this turned out and so I am sharing it with this community.

(I realize Lindsey did appear on "Time", doing backing vocals on "Nothing Without You". I also realize that if the album featured the Rumours lineup that this song might not have appeared, and the album might not have even been called "Time"...)
Still cant quite figure out what the premise of this thread is. Nevertheless; Good job, not bad at all.
If nothing else, it serves to remind me Time has some good songs that I need to revisit.

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