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Pacific Standard By Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, April 21, 2016

Seven Albums to Stop the Apocalypse

When the aliens finally descend to crush humanity, we must be prepared to beat them back with our last remaining resource: hit records.

2. Fleetwood Mac—‘Rumours’:

The thing about Rumours is that it provides both hits and drama, two elements essential to bonding time with anyone, especially with aliens who want nothing more than to watch civilization burn. Imagine the excitement! The aliens on your couch, leaning close to your record player, fully engrossed in the stories behind the music. Yes, my alien friends. Lindsey Buckingham was maybe a bit of a jerk to Stevie Nicks. Yes, they are singing “I Don’t Wanna Know” to each other. The bonus here is that you can show them videos of Buckingham and Nicks in 2016, getting along perfectly well. If those two gave each other another chance, surely the rest of us deserve one.

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