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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
I love Skies the Limit but can you imagine if it was a Buckingham produced track?
Hmmm... I love Skies the Limit pretty much as is, and certainly a lot more than Mystified or You and I. I think Lindsey did a great job with most of Christine's songs, but Save Me, Love Shines, As Long As You Follow, and Behind the Mask are as good and in some cases better than her earlier songs like Oh Daddy, Say You Love Me, Only Over You, or Love in Store. And don't get me wrong, I like some of those songs, too, but they're pretty lightweight. I have a feeling Save Me by Lindsey would have been less guitar driven, for example. Just my opinion, of course.

Btw, I've read posts where people said the album BTM sounded muddled or wasn't produced well. I would love to know what they mean, specifically. I know little about how music is produced, I guess, and so it can be hard for me to understand those kind of comments. For example, how can one tell if the fault is in the production or in the performance itself? If the sound is 'muddled,' isn't that more an engineering issue? I'd really love feedback about this sort of technical question.

The only FM example I can really think of as sounding muddled is Goodbye Baby from Say You Will, especially the beginning. It sounds like a demo or outtake, rather than a finished song. I figured if I noticed the poor sound quality, it must be pretty obvious LOL!
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