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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I remember an interview in 1990 and Skies the Limit was a last minute addition to the album. After the album was complete the band was worried the album sounded too dark for a Fleetwood Mac album. Christine's title track was not her usual peppy love song. Christine wrote Skies the limit rather fast and they recorded the track and slapped it right up front to dwarf the dark sound.
Thanks for the info, Macfan4life! You always have the coolest trivia and I appreciate it. If Christine and Eddy could whip up a song like Skies the Limit that fast, they were even a better songwriting team than I'd thought! But did they replace another Christine song with Skies? I can't believe she originally had only 3 songs on the album- and one was a duet, even!
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