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Originally Posted by McLamb View Post
Behind The Mask is my second favourite Fleetwood Mac album, right behind Bare Trees.

When Behind The Mask came out, it seemed odd that Side One (at 31 minutes) was much longer than Side Two (at 25 minutes). Way back then, I took a 60-minute cassette tape, and rearranged the track-listing so that it came out to 28 minutes per side:

Side One
1. When The Sun Goes Down
2. When It Comes To Love
3. Save Me
4. Affairs Of The Heart
5. Behind The Mask
6. Do You Know
7. The Second Time

Side Two
1. In The Back Of My Mind
2. Freedom
3. Stand On The Rock
4. Hard Feelings
5. Love Is Dangerous
6. Skies The Limit

I've kept this running order in my i-Tunes playlist, as that's what I'm become accustomed to. A big plus is that Christine's voice is the last one heard on this arrangement!
Very cool, McLamb. I've always found the track listing of BTM rather fascinating. I thought In the Back of My Mind would have been an interesting way to start the album, but Skies the Limit was probably appropriate because it's a Christine song, and they wanted to begin with a known quantity, so to speak.

I also find it interesting that Christine practically disappears after track 8, which is Behind the Mask. Her songs should have been more spread out. It would have been nice to have 2 of her songs on side one and 2 on side two. Seems weird she only had 4 songs on the album, but with 4 songwriters in the band, I guess it makes sense.
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