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Originally Posted by Street_Dreamer View Post
It's sad that the four song EP is almost certainly the last Fleetwood Mac studio material with Lindsey and quite likely the last new material from the band period. For me, Lindsey's contributions on the EP are better than his Say You Will material. Sad Angel is an all-time great Fleetwood Mac song and one of my favorite songs ever.

I'm also a huge fan of Miss Fantasy although I can see why it might not fit everyone's taste. I also love It Takes Time. It's unlike anything Lindsey has ever done in or out of Fleetwood Mac. Without You is straight garbage and it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it's a Stevie song. The song is so lifeless and dull and uninspiring. Lindsey deserves some blame for not getting more out of it but at the same time Stevie has a history with songs like this. Without You is right there with Second Time. They're two of the dirt worst songs in the history of Fleetwood Mac.
Without You is by Danny Kirwan?
No, I'm being smart.
Love Without You, love The Second Time.
Love All Over Again. (Christine song, current tour closer song.)
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