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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post
I really think it's naive to think that Stevie can put a stop to the rest of the band, she is only one fifth of the band and I doubt that she alone has the power to force the other four fifths to do anything they don't want to.
However I'm curious, don't you consider The Dance a group effort? It's one of my favourite periods of this band.
I don't think Stevie is necessarily dishonest, unless it's bout being dishonest with herself. In the end she didn't say that the album wouldn't be good, she said that it wouldn't sell, which is different, and actually the more an album is good, the more frustrating it is if it doesn't sell.
I also think that at this point in their lives we as real and true fans should be happy with whatever the band members want to give to us, they already gave us very much and deserve in their older years to do what they want at the time they want.
I have missed these Stevie fans attacking the rest of the band, where has it happened?
Of course she is dishonest. Can you imagine Mick Jagger telling everyone he does not want to do another Stones album because it might not be good. Just imagine the reaction from Keith Richards. Keith would have expletive words. I don't understand this need to give Stevie shelter that no other band member in any other band would get.

No, Stevie does not have the power to stop the band. But the other band members do care and value her input. They want a complete package to go on the road with. They value her artistry and want it part of this album.

Of course we are all happy with whatever the band gives us. But us fans have only dreamed of "what if" these 5 would record another album. We are on the edge of that moment. And sorry, we do have a right to feel frustrated.

Christine gave up performing 20 years ago after the Dance. Who would have dreamed that she is back touring and wants to record music with all 5 members again. This is something THEY WANT to do.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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