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This album is SO GOOD... one of the band's best. I feel so very sorry for Bob Welch. I wish the band had put their bitterness over the lawsuit aside and insisted he be inducted into the RRHOF (ala Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead)... he was so important during that middle era. And he died feeling ignored and unvalued. Sigh. RIP.

ANYWAY back to the topic at hand... these are ranked purely on my personal enjoyment level and nothing else:

Emerald Eyes - 8*
Believe Me - 7
Just Crazy Love - 7
Hypnotized - 11! This one goes to 11.
Forever - 8
Keep on Going - 9
The City - 11*
Miles Away - 9
Somebody - 9
The Way I Feel - 7
For Your Love - 8
Why - 9*

I love the early 70s vibe of this album so much. The grooves are so good, the rockin' is so solid. And Welch's voice is so smooth and easy on the ears... I still feel so sorry for that man. C'est la vie...
Since my original post a few days ago, I've been re-visiting this album a lot and I've updated some of my scores. Marked the ones upgraded with an * above.

MAN... I think The City is INCREDIBLE. I had it as a 10 but this one goes to 11. SO GOOD. Bob should be added to the RARHOF with the rest of 'em posthumously.
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