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Keep in mind I'm very biased as this is literally one of my favourite FM albums, up there with Tusk and The Dance;

Emerald Eyes - 10 - one of my favourite opening tracks on a FM release
Believe Me - 10
Just Crazy Love - 10
Hypnotized - 10 - one of the band's best songs
Forever - 10 - a feel good song. Slightly reggae, love the staccato guitar and atypical drum and bass work. Not one song like it in the catalog.
Keep On Going - 9.5 - Written by Bob, given to Christine as I think he said he thought she sounded better on the track
The City - 9.5
Miles Away - 9
Somebody - 10 - much like Forever and a lot of the Bob-led cuts on Heroes Are Hard to Find, there's not really any other track quite like this on any other LP by the band
The Way I Feel - 8
For Your Love - 7 - serviceable cover, quite enjoyable but doesn't hold a candle to the Yardbirds' original
Why - 9.5 to 10 - one of Christine's best pieces surely. Should have been brought back for the latest tour.
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