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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
No. Total figment of my overactive imagination. They totally didnít dress up Billy like Lindsey when they did that initial press conference and photoshoot.
You're being so farfetched and so asinine that I'm getting pissed at you. However, here's an idea: Send Billy a tweet and ask him whether Mick made him dress like Lindsey when he (Billy) joined the band. If Billy says yes, I'll eat your hat. Do you have a clean hat?

Oh, look, Mick even made Billy put on gray menswear at a ZOO concert. Mick can be a cruel, bossy man.

And damned if Mick didn't also force Billy to wear gray menswear on his 1985 solo album.

Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
And, Iím sure it was purely coincidental that Billy played a white Les Paul Custom.
Maybe. I don't know. Mick made some guitar demands on Lindsey in 1975, too. You'd have to ask Billy.

Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I never said that it didnít end or that Billy came into his own, but he was minor enough that they could do that with him.
Assume for a minute that Billy's clothes intentionally matched old Lindsey looks (chosen at random from a multiyear scrapbook, by the looks of it). How do you know it wasn't Billy himself deciding he wanted to look that way? He loved Lindsey. Why blame Fleetwood? Still, your "theory" is preposterous, and my suggestion is creepy.

Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Even in their solo/duo sets. That will never change. For any of them. Iím not sure that should be the goal, though.
It sounds like a great goal to me. But I guess it depends on whether you want to play stadiums or intimate theaters and such, and even more important whether you want to challenge yourself and your audience, or merely feed the Big Machine. Imagine a band that was so proud of the way Tusk confounded listeners' expectations in 1979 that it never again tried to tread old ground in studio and onstage, preferring instead to consistently make truly new music and keep only a few artifacts of the 1977 halcyon days in its stage shows. Imagine a band ballsy enough to ditch most of the Rumours songs from subsequent sets in favor of the new. Sounds great to me as audience.
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