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Originally Posted by DownOnRodeo View Post
My Little Demon as a hymn to his penis?
Projecting much?

All of my friends, all telling me
That I just ain't the man I used to be

An ode to personality issues, perhaps, but not a penis hymn.
(Edit: And I may not have the broadest command of the rock and roll lexicon, but what man would write a "hymn to his penis" and insist on calling it "Little"?)

Come clearly has its allusions, and when I saw him and the boys rock it live it was a welcome breath of masculinity amidst all the glittering chiffon.

As the band's musical director (apparently), he knew how to help put together a set list, which is why he never would have insisted on doing Come at a three-song gig or at that particular occasion.
OK a frank reflection on his erectile disfunction, then.
I give up.
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