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Sorry to get your hopes up with this reply but I don't know. It's hard to say if that Amazon guy "knew his stuff" or not because he also said "the "Encore Jam" with Joe Walsh and members of the James Gang has an additional 6 minutes over the jam issued with the "Boston Tea Party" discs" yet the time listing on this CD (according to a few sites I saw that listed times for it) list 12:45 for EC time & the Vol. 2 CD I have here lists EC as being 12:48 so either he DOES know his stuff and the time on the BB CD is wrong on the packaging and should say 19+ minutes for EC or he doesn't know his stuff. IF he doesn't know his stuff then I'd say it's the vol. 1 (the suppossedly worse) version as the track itself on my CD read out displays 24:38 from the vol. 1 CD (so basically the same as the RS time listed for BB) and I find most of those "redundant" Tea Party comps do cut out the between song banter (for the most part) anyways. In any event, do let me/us know here if you get this CD and find that the "Encore jam" is 19+ minutes (as the Amazon guy claims in a roundabout way) as I'll want to get the full version from that CD if it is! I'll keep digging and post about it here if I do find anything about which RS is on there though in the meantime.


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