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Gov Australia Live

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July 10, 2020

Australia: Fleetwood Mac Merchandise 2014 and Christine McVie Own Trademark for 'RUMOURS'

Australia, July 10 -- Fleetwood Mac Merchandise 2014 LLC and Christine McVie, own the trademark (1837008) for 'RUMOURS' till April 6, 2027.

Status: registered:Registered/protected
Classes: 9 [Musical sound recordings; audiovisual recordings featuring music and musical entertainment; downloadable musical sound recordings; Downloadable audiovisual recordings featuring music and musical entertainment; motion pictures featuring music and musical entertainment; downloadable motion pictures in the field of music and musical entertainment; Magazines downloaded via the internet; Computer software downloaded from the internet; Computer programmes (programs) and recorded software distributed online; Electronic publications including those sold and distributed online; Downloadable webcasts; Computer software applications (downloadable); Downloadable music files; Downloadable podcasts; Downloadable software applications (apps); Electronic publications (downloadable); Telephone ring tones (downloadable); Electronic musical recording apparatus; Pre-recorded music videos; Records bearing entertainment material; Audiovisual apparatus; Motion picture films (recorded); Pre-recorded DVDs; Pre-recorded cassettes; Pre-recorded compact discs (disks)(CDs); Pre-recorded discs; Pre-recorded films; Prerecorded videos; Recordings of television programmes; Carrying cases adapted for DVDs; Carrying cases adapted for electronic media; Electronic and recorded multimedia publications; Digital music (downloadable) from the Internet; Sound tracks (recordings); Computer software; Musical recordings in the form of discs; Discs bearing video recordings; Television films; Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; Audio, video and portable media players; Cases and containers for recorded media (tapes, cassettes and discs); Media for recording sound; Data storage instruments; all of the foregoing relating to the band FLEETWOOD MAC; Books recorded on disc; Downloadable image files; Juke boxes (musical); Sound adaptation apparatus for use with musical instruments; Computer games entertainment software; Holograms; Eyewear; Spectacle cases; Computer games programs; Electronic diaries; Telecommunications apparatus; Apparatus for sound reproduction; Sound amplifiers; Sound mixing apparatus; Synthesised sound apparatus; MP3 players; Apparatus for sending messages; Electric cords for musical instruments; Music reproducing apparatus (other than musical instruments); Pick-ups for electrical musical instruments; Apparatus for use in audio-visual communication; Holographic images; Mobile phones; Personal communication apparatus; Stereo headphones for personal entertainment use; Music centres (audio apparatus); Spectacle support bands, chains, cords, and straps; Mouse pads; Audio speakers; Audio equipment; Microphones; Headphones; Earphones (other than hearing aids for the deaf); Amplifiers; Magnets; Radios; Cameras; Camera apparatus; Telephone apparatus; Electronic cables; Battery chargers; Stands for computer equipment; Protective films adapted for mobile phone screens; Visual display screens; Hands free kits for phones; Electrical power adaptors; Batteries; Media for the reproduction of images; Audiovisual teaching apparatus; Data processors; Identity cards, encoded; Walkie-talkies], 16 [Posters; souvenir programs about a musical group and its recordings; Books; Music books; Song books; Printed matter; Fan magazines; Magazines (periodicals); Printed music, music scores and sheet music; Printed musical publications; Newsletters; Pamphlets; Brochures; all of the foregoing relating to the band FLEETWOOD MAC; stickers; Images (printed matter); Holograms (decals); Holographs; Printed holograms; Decalcomanias; Stationery; Photographs (printed); Calendars; Diaries; Identity cards (other than encoded or magnetic); Cards], 25 [Shirts; t-shirts; Jackets; hooded jackets; sweatshirts; caps; headwear; clothing; footwear; all of the foregoing relating to the band FLEETWOOD MAC] and 41 [Providing information on a musical group, a musical theatrical production, non-downloadable photographs, and non-downloadable audio and audiovisual recordings featuring music and musical entertainment via a website; providing online non-downloadable audio and audiovisual recordings featuring music and musical entertainment; live stage performances in the nature of plays and musicals; provision of information relating to live musicals, live stage events, theatrical performances; Entertainment; Live entertainment; Entertainment event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Organisation of entertainment events and festivals; Fan club services; Organisation of entertainment competitions; Providing information, including online, about entertainment; Provision of entertainment services via an online forum; Radio entertainment; Television entertainment; Ticket agency services (entertainment); Distribution (other than transportation) of sound recordings; Production of sound recordings, other than advertising; Rental of sound recordings; Providing online electronic publications, music and videos (not downloadable); Music publishing services; Publication of books, magazines, posters and printed matter; Publication of multimedia material online; Production of webcasts, other than advertising; 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all of the foregoing relating to the band FLEETWOOD MAC; Publication of electronic books and journals online; Weblog (blog) services (online publication of journals or diaries); Education services; Musical education services; Photography; Internet games (non-downloadable); Telephone games]
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