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Originally Posted by ~*BellaDonna*~ View Post
I've never been able to understand why Bob Welch's spectacular contributions to Fleetwood Mac are all too often overlooked and forgotten! The man a was an absolute genius and created well crafted songs!! It's beyond time that we express long overdue appreciation!!!

With that being said, what are your favorites?

I love these:
1. "Easy to Fall"
2. "Future Games"
3. "Hypnotized"
4. "Revelation"
5. "Bright Fire"
6. "Ebony Eyes"
7. "Sentimental Lady"
8. "Keep On Going"
9. "The City"

I agree with you I like your list and mine would be waaaay to long. What comes to mind as some of my favorites in addition to your list....

Emerald Eyes
Bermuda Triangle
Silver Heels
Miles Away
Precious Love
The Ghost of Flight 401
Hot Love,Cold World
Don't Wait Too Long
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