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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
Didn't Lindsey say himself in that interview it's just a joke amongst them when she rambles? On the last tour during her self-indulgent speeches, Christine had an actual whistle, John would literally walk offstage, Mick and Lindsey would fiddle around with his drum kit etc etc. I don't think it's "toxic behavior" or a sign of disrespect or anything, it's clearly something they all just do with some humor because she literally talks for 50 years and what are they supposed to do-- stand there while she rambles for ages about herself and how amazing she is? I can understand if she got a bit annoyed at it at the MusiCares event because it was a different context but to get picky with one particular person when he wasn't even the worst offender is just childish. But then again Stevie seems to be a very childish person.
Had I been in the audience, I would've also assumed that their behavior was fairly scripted, like just about every other interaction between FM band members on stage has been the last 20 years. "When Stevie hits the five-minute mark, Chris will look at her watch, I'll start smirking, you and Mick do a disinterested waltz...! It'll be hilarious!"

I can't imagine anyone watching that speech and NOT giving an occasional eye-roll toward Stevie. "Rambling" is too kind. I won free tickets to one of her 24-Karat solo shows and... I don't think I've ever heard a musician spend SO much time talking during a concert. She may have actually spent more time talking than singing. It's exhausting as a concert-goer! I'd go nuts if I was one of the poor souls on stage behind her!
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