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. . . trying to revive this old thread somewhat anew:

as obviously NOBODY in this like minded circle could provide any kind of guess-work (let alone "knowledge") on this mystery matter, i certainly kept thinking about it . . . and came up with a bold thought: i assume the track in question probably being an early mistitled version of "danny's chant".

first of all "danny's chant" is the only time that danny's name appears in a song title, as far as i know. second thing is that song is actually in the key of e - although not minor. but i'm not too sure if the archivists at radio bremen (the broadcasting tv company) were/are capable of telling minor from major. on the other hand: as it's not possible to judge by the footage (yet) - who knows, maybe the song in it's infancy actually was in a minor key at the time?! i don't know if there is any sort of "work-in-progress" stuff of the mac in that time frame in circulation to maybe verify this thesis . . .

anyway, it's just a thought, and as to this day the footage in question still hasn't escaped the vaults this all keeps being guess-work. so comments, supplementings and objections are warmly welcome!
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