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Originally Posted by tango87 View Post
What a thoroughly depressing programme this was. Lots of uninformed opinions, endless rehashing of inaccurate rumours, and an almost total airbrushing of Lindsey's contribution to the band's sound and success. A brief mention of his guitar playing (although they talked over all the guitar solos) and a dismissive reference to his apparent 'rock' sensibilities. But otherwise, the line was that Christine and Stevie are the true songwriting geniuses of the band. They played clips of Dreams, Sara and Gypsy, seemingly without any idea that it was Lindsey's genius that made those songs enduring and iconic. All those days and nights in the studio, arranging and producing, playing guitars at half-speed for nights on end... God, I wanted to throw my mince pie at the television!
How about the lady who called "Albatross" a great piece of Americana? lol!

A documentary should not be a bunch of uniformed people with no connections to the band chatting about them, interspersed with clips (ratio of talking heads to music clips is about 4/1). A lot of times, they even make inane comments over the clips so you can't even really enjoy those. "Guitars are such cool instruments!" Seriously?! BTW, why does one of them keep calling Christine "Christy"? Is she her close and personal friend?

Halfway through, I got a message that I would have to make an account to continue streaming. I decided to give it a pass.
- Nancy

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