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Originally Posted by camchristo View Post
^Yes, but your situation, it appears, is different - your mentors were female. Dani's is male. And she said he was sexy and she was obsessed with him. And she's mentioned several times on these boards that she is into older men.

When I was in junior high, the assistant principal tried to be buddy-buddy with me. I babysat for him a few times (during which his daughter told me she hated her dad). My mom despised the guy and kept major tabs on the situation. I'm glad she did. He was convicted of child molestation the following summer and sentenced to nine years in prison. Looking back now, I can see he was trying to set it up to go down that road with me.

Granted, I was 13 and Dani is 17. However, I don't care how mature you are, or think you are. You just are not equipped as a 17 year old to handle a relationship with a lates 20's or 30 something teacher. And shame on him for not finding someone other than a student to share these deep emotions with. Some lines should just not be crossed.

Dani I hate to say it but I think I agree with what this person and others are saying today. Trust me on one thing: It's easy for a smart person, when they're 17, to feel that they completely understand something or to feel that they "have something under control." And it's natural to feel that you have enough life experience at this point to understand what's going on. That's the trap, and it's easy to fall into it - almost everyone does, in one way or another. Part of being smart is being wise and yielding to the voice of experience; and listening to people who are older and wiser than you when they tell you that you may be wrong and that there may be more going on than meets your eye. You're saying you know how to solve this Freshman-level calculus problem, and a bunch of professional mathematicians are telling you that it's actually a graduate-level exercise in 12-dimensional math.
Maybe we've all made "too big a deal" - but so what? Nobody gets hurt if you listen to the voice of experience and carefully, logically consider what some fairly wise friends are saying to you, en masse.
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