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I started sixth form today. Incase anyone isn't aware of the British school system, sixth form is like college, except all I had to do is stay at my secondary school. I didn't see the need for upheaval to move to another school, and then get acquainted with everyone, with teachers I didn't know. At least this way I know I've got amazing teachers, and will achieve the grades I want.

Anyway, I found out I got onto my Pyschology course. I was ecstatic, because I didn't get a high enough Maths grade at GCSE to do it (I got a C, a B was the minimum requirement. English has always been my subject anyway) so I think some strings were pulled and they took into account my English grades. I've got two years of English Literature, History, Politics and Pyschology. Apparently I've took some of the hardest subjects you can take.

We don't start proper lessons until Friday, tomorrow is "pirate day"! Supposedly it's a lesson in improvisation and problem solving skills, because we have to build something and the short notice to design our costume is a lesson in having tasks thrust upon you and being required to deal with them.
- Lucy
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