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How Fleetwood Mac's 'Mascot' Harold Nearly Got The Band Thrown In Jail

There have been many incarnations of Fleetwood Mac over the years, but no former bandmate is more notorious than Harold the 'mascot' that nearly got the group thrown in jail during their early days.

Back then, the group was struggling to stand out from the other British blues bands at the time. So they naturally decided that the best way to catch people's attention would be to put a "massive" dildo on Mick Fleetwood's drum kit during gigs.

"We wanted to stand out from all the other Englishmen playing traditional blues, so we never held back," Fleetwood later said. "I used to play with a massive dildo stuck to the top of my bass drum so the thing would wiggle front and centre through the entire set."

The salacious prop became so common that they nicknamed it Harold and treated it like a mascot. But Harold's touring days came to an abrupt halt when a performance in Texas nearly ended with them getting locked up for obscene behavior.

"Harold's showbiz life came to a crashing end at an American Southern Baptist college, where we were very nearly arrested for his performance," Fleetwood added. "Poor Harold was too much for them and, much to my wife's chagrin, he ended his days on show, sitting on our pine corner cabinet."

But Harold would still leave his mark on the band. The melancholic ballad 'Landslide' is actually about Harold tumbling off the bass drum one night. Just kidding. 'Landslide' has nothing to do with Harold, but good luck hearing it without picturing a jiggling sex toy next time it comes on the classic rock station.
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