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Macfan4life, I'm glad you like the cover, I guess I would have preferred seeing some of the band members instead. But your analysis reminded me of something I read on a different thread- that the BTM cover showed Stevie turning her back on the band, and that was happening again now, with Stevie refusing to commit to recording another album with them.
That made me laugh, because another interpretation of the cover could be that Stevie is ready to get to work, but she's waiting on the rest of the band to get off their butt!

Rick Vito said in the interview that the band had no input into the cover and he really, really didn't like it. I think he said they were all pretty disappointed with it. He also said the people on the cover weren't professional models or anything, but people the photographer found in Mississippi. I have no idea if he was kidding about that last part, but it didn't sound like it.
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