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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Well, Rick Vito was adamant that there was no hidden meaning in the cover. Out of curiosity, what about the cover makes you think the Stevie on the cover was a swipe against Lindsey?

I think the people on the show represented FM, and the young girl is Stevie and the other woman is Christine. Visually, it's an unattractive cover, but the packaging inside is awesome.
I will have to check Mick's book this weekend because I swear he wrote about this photo. However, I bet Rick and Billy have clearer minds and probably remember the truth. Its quite possible the artist was asked to create several pictures and the band left it to the record company to select the final one. I find it VERY odd a band would leave this decision to the record company though.

I was offering suggestions about the cover. You have a literal visual interpretation of the artwork. Many times there are hidden meanings in art and paintings. I was offering "off the cuff" possiblities of WHAT the artist was trying to convey with the picture.
How would you convey the woman's expression on the cover? There is a band playing in the background. I dont interpret it the way you do in a literal sense. I dont see the artist depicting each band member in the picture. I see the picture as a whole expressing an idea or expression.
Is the woman sulking? She looks upset and almost jealous of something.
I want to know what Mick meant by it was the artist's interpretation of the band's chemistry at that time.
I LOVE THIS COVER. Its full of mystery and interpretation. THAT is what an album cover should convey. I got mostly flamed here by saying the Tango album cover was the worst in their history. There was NO thought in that cover. It just was Lindsey's favorite painting by that Australian artist. In some ways it was fitting because Tango was a Lindsey solo album so it would make sense he picked his favorite painting for the cover. There is no mystery. Its just a painting that looks like you could buy a velvet version at your local flea market. It means NOTHING for the band. Nowhere in that cover is a story about anything about Fleetwood Mac.
The BTM album cover is telling a story. What I see in the story is probably what you dont see in the story and vice versa. And that my friend is WHY its such an amazing cover.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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