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Originally Posted by TheWILDheart View Post
I thought Fleetwood Bac were better than RoFM. The setlist perhaps wasn't as interesting, but they nailed their "tribute" to the Rumours-era line up perfectly. "Stevie" totally has Lady Nicks' speaking voice down!

My only critique is that the era's were a bit mashed up. Fleetwood Bac's Lindsey is clearly based on White album/Rumours era, whilst Stevie was more TINT era.

I can't remember their exact set from when I saw them, but they opened with "You Make Loving Fun", closed the main set with "The Chain" and did "Tusk" and "Go Your Own Way" as an encore. They also did "Edge of Seventeen" and 'Lindsey' made some funny crack about "oh ****, we've gotta do a Stevie solo song!".

RoFM were good, but not great. Their Lindsey, whilst a very talented guitarist, isn't a strong vocalist and as a result, there weren't many Lindsey songs in the set at all. Also, their Christine doesn't actually play keyboards, she just stands behind one with a tambourine. Both ladies had good voices, but it was all a bit "cruise ship" for me. RoFM seem to excel more at the pre-Buckingham Nicks era material.
Not sure I can disagree with you really. I really enjoyed the overall experience of Rumours of Fleetwood Mac but Fleetwood Bac are a much better likeness and they do sound great.
To be honest with you I cant specifically remember the person who was Stevie but I do remember all the Fleetwood Bac people looking and sounding very close to their counterparts.

It must be quite difficult with the clothes and hair not matching all the songs but I do think both bands capture the essence of FM really well. To reiterate though Fleetwood Bac Lindsey was incredible.
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