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This is just my opinion but I see the next tour as the last act of Fleetwood Mac. I don't see even Stevie recording new music. I don't see another Buckingham/McVie album either. Its quite possible if everyone stays healthy that after the tour the Mac could pop up with a live show here or there. I think Lindsey was promoting optimism with saying its not the end of Fleetwood Mac.
But then again, no one saw Christine coming back and touring extensively. Her voice is leaving her sadly but its what you would expect for someone in their mid 70's. When the tour is over in 2019 I think there will be a long break. Its just so impossible to see them do anything but a few live shows here or there after that. If they could not make an album together when Christine came back then how could anyone believe they would ever record together again. I just think this is why Christine is staying so busy with recording and touring. She is making up for lost time and realizes she can only do this a few more years.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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