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Originally Posted by Steviegirl View Post
This is all so true. It feels very weird that I cannot, in good conscience, support the band. This is the first tour I've missed since the 1980s. The thing that is so hard to comprehend is the sold-out crowds. Who are these people? I can't support the band because of their unconscionable treatment of Lindsey, but I also think it's really creepy and weird that they're dragging Neil Finn and Mike Campbell around. I missed Lindsey when Rick and Billy were in the band, but I didn't feel utter disdain and embarrassment for them. I even went to see them on tour back then, and I own the TITN video. But THIS incarnation just feels like a crotchety, past-their-prime gaggle of old codgers/hucksters who need to pack it in. I wouldn't feel this way if Lindsey were with them because it'd be our old band touring. But this...they just seem like a bunch of corny hacks. It sounds stupid, I know, but I really miss loving them. They've been a huge part of my life. I'm grateful for the like-minded people here on The Ledge.
Theyíre not dragging Finn and Campbell. At this point they know the whole truth and like the rest of the band, they donít care.

Iím also happy to have a place like The Ledge where I can speak my mind without being censored.
"I think what you would say is that there were factions within the band that had lost their perspective. What that did was to harm the 43-year legacy that we had worked so hard to build, and that legacy was really about rising above difficulties in order to fulfill one's higher truth and one's higher destiny."
Lindsey Buckingham, May 11, 2018.
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