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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
As someone said in a different thread, following this logic, FM should have broken up when Bob Welch left the band... and if that had happened, we wouldn't be having this discussion because Lindsey and Stevie wouldn't have had the opportunity to join. And you even say yourself, "unless they were bringing back Peter Green himself," which implies you would have accepted his return to replace Lindsey.

Before, I would have agreed with you about their legacy possibly being tarnished. However, a FM tour consisting of Mick, John, Dave Mason, Billy Burnette, and Bekka Bramlett is much different than a FM lineup consisting of Mick, John, Christine, Stevie, Mike Campbell, and Neil Finn. Especially with Mike Campbell, right there with Christine and Stevie.

Is it unfortunate? YES! But this lineup tarnishing their legacy? Don't see it.
I agree that Mike and Neil are superior replacements to Rick and Billy but this time they have fired one of their own and so late in the game .It is preposterous to think that this new lineup will result in a change in fortunes like the 1975 band .The remaining 4 are all in their 70s ! . Fleetwood Mac was Peter Green's band. It was even called Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and he was also the member in the entire history of the band with the most raw talent.
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