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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
This tour has been put back and put back and put back some more already. I'm sure it was originally slated for 2017 but it was put back to late 2018 due to Stevie's plans. Would it have hurt to delay it a bit more? For the articles to say Lindsey wanted to focus on his solo work rather than a Fleetwood Mac tour skews things a bit. He's been open for some time about releasing a solo album early this year. Unfortunately he obviously hasn't been able to get it finished and released as early as he would have liked. I don't think he's said he wont do a FM tour- just sounds as if he asked for a short delay.
Well, they just got off the road in 2015 after two back-to-back tours. I think a break was needed especially since itís not like there was going to be any new material for this next one.
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