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[excerpt from an interview with Hamilton Leithauser and Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij

Do you think being that adaptable to your surroundings allows you to get that much more done?

Rostam: Yeah, I think so. For me, recording music is a part of most days in my life. I find some way to record something, whether it's in my living room with my iPhone or in my studio cutting vocals or going to a studio and recording drums. It's some part of my life. I think that's true of a lot of young people that have used computers to make music. I read an interview with Flume where he wrote a lot of music on his laptop while riding on trains in Europe.

Yeah, I can't see some of the old-timers like George Martin trying to use an iPhone on a train as a way of producing music.

Rostam: Yes, except there are all of those stories about Lindsey Buckingham making most of Tusk in his house all alone. It sounds radically different from song to song, and there are myths that some of them are all Lindsey—he played all of the instruments and recorded it all by himself at his house. It's in the tradition of that.
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