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Originally Posted by sharksfan2000 View Post
Nice find, lazypoker! I've never seen this clip before. Too bad it's so short and the camera work could be better, but it's rare to find any new video of the band at all. Thanks!
you're welcome, sharksfan.

this is a trailer (sort of) for a 4-hour-marathon on german tv station wdr on early easter monday morning, focussing on the "essen pop & blues festivals" held in 1969 and 1970. there's not too much info circulating yet on what exactly can be seen on that programm. but here are some acts who played the festivals and of which i know there is substantial footage in existance:
keef hartley band, nice, deep purple, taste, pink floyd, aynsley dunbar retaliation, hardin & york, taj mahal, burnin' red ivanhoe, third ear band. and a whole lot more bands played as well.

as the short "albatross" excerpt is all i've seen from the mac's performance, i don't know if more of it can be seen on that easter monday programme - needless to say that i'm CRAVING for it! anyway, i'll be recording the programme and you friends on "the ledge" will certainly be the first to know if some mac footage showed up . . .
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