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Originally Posted by obsess5 View Post
Using Cussion's information, I located the Grateful Dead concert that includes Pete and Duane: February 11, 1970. The link takes you to the Internet Archive of the sound recordings of the concert in MP3 and other formats. (Over 3,000 other Grateful Dead concerts are archived there. I'm a relatively new convert to the Grateful Dead. Any GD fans know of a concise or searchable repository of guest musicians at GD concerts? Without Cussion's information, it would have just been blind luck to stumble on a concert that had Peter Green.)

From the recording notes:

"Spanish Jam" (follows "Dark Star") sounds like live Fleetwood Mac, although Pete's guitar (I assume) is faint. Perhaps someone with a better ear for guitar players can listen to "Dark Star" on and tell us when to listen for Peter's playing.
Then there is also the following show from feb. 1, 1970 wher Peter joined on Turn On Your Lovelight
Here's the link:

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