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Originally Posted by ThinLine

I'm sure it was never Javier's or Marty's intention to insult any fans by offering good size clips of these songs. I think it's insulting to Marty and Javier to complain about them. If you and others are not interested in hearing them and feel insulted, please spare Marty, Javier and the rest of the fans who are interested.

There is a growing trend in thinking that all music should be free, just as the fan sites that host this music and provide the music are offered free to fans by a handful of FM site owners. It's laughable to think that the same fans who are complaining and feel insulted at the carrots being dangled in front of them would actually end up paying for the songs if Javier did actually release them for a fee online. They'd be swapped around in record time. Yea, yea, yea, we've all heard it before, the fans will pay for things just give it to them. I tend to think that group is smaller and smaller and the more music that's provided free since the fan sites started regular file sharing, makes me realize that very few would pay.... and most (regardless of income and ability to pay) would be swapping them left and right.

For the people who feel insulted and are questioning motives, it's simple, don't listen to the clips and pretend they don't exist and let the fans who are interested and appreciative enjoy them. Try not to insult Marty and Javier and ruin it for everyone else.

Thanks to Marty and Javier for giving the fans an oppportunity to listen to this long lost music.
Whoa! I didn't say I felt insulted with the snippets being posted. I said some fans posting frustrations in this thread seem to think Javier is misplaying his hand. What I meant by that is some fans seem to be voicing frustration NOT because they think the music should be free, but becasue posting snippets seems insulting if fans get the impression Javier's only using Marty and this board to whip up interest in a commercial product in a teasing and annoying way. I want to be clear. This is my interpretation of some posts in this thread, not my own opinion. Also, I don't see why pointing this out is ruining anything for other fans. How so?

What I said about my own opinion is the snippets are not heightening my interest. I'm stating a fact that Javier might want to consider. It's ok if you feel otherwise. Most fans do. My statement is not intended to dismay fans who want to hear the snippets. If voicing honest opinions leads to having full songs released will everyone feel the same way about the unpopular posts? It's clear some fans think any type of negative comment will limit the possiblity of the music ever being available. I don't think that's true. Why does this discussion have to be one of taking sides? I don't see why Marty or Javier would get disheartened by posts that tell how all fans truly feel. Isn't that the real reason why these cuts are being posted here? If the music was posted here for pure enjoyment there would be no discussion. Since it appears this is more of a trial balloon on releasing the rest of what Javier has, why not be honest about our opinions? Again, I'm not trying to ruin anything for anyone. I'm stating an opinion about the way the whole thing is being funneled through this board. You don't have to agree. I'm not disheartened by anyone else's opinion. It's all good.

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