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Originally Posted by christinaliz
I agree. It is disheartening. This isn't a question of playing fair. Javier owes us nothing. We're being treated to some rare recordings we thought we'd never hear. I look at that as a very positive thing. If he should decide to eventually release these in their entirety, we should pay for them just as we would for any other artist. I, for one, love carrots... As for there not being a demand, obviously there is. Someone out there made $1500 off 2 singles, however illegal that was. Not too shabby, I'd say. Again, thank you Javier.

It makes sense Javier might want to benefit from his stewardship of these recordings. Just the same, the only fans interested in them are hard-core fans like us. Does it really make sense to tease and irritate your only audience? No, Javier doesn't owe fans a thing. True. It's also worth noting there may be a limit to how long these recordings are worth anything to anyone. I find it hard to believe these recording would ever get the interest of a record label. If Javier wanted to share his treasure he could. We'd be very grateful for the opportunity to hear whatever he has in it's entirety. There must be something that can be done to bring these recordings to fans who'd appreciate them AND give Javier his just rewards?

Of course that assumes Javier does not overestimate their true worth. They're only worth something to us, not the general public. It's obvious some fans don't agree with the way Javier's playing his hand. I'm not speaking for everyone, but to some people the snippets are more of an insult than a treat. I personally am not intersted in hearing these little bits. I might pay something to hear the entire songs, but the snippets might be lessening my interest more than anything. Also, some fans are losing interest in Fleetood Mac again with the tour over and no new project on the horizon. Some food for thought.

Maybe Javier should take a page from the boolegger's playbook and auction his goods to the highest bidder? To me $1500 for two singles was ridiculous but that's just me. If Javier has the legal rights to these recordings I see eBay as one way he might get financial rewards. He could also post complete songs for a download fee, or he could release his own cd for sale here on the Penguin like Bob Welch did. There are ways to satisfy everyone if folks see reason. The snippets...the snippets just aint gonna do it, Jav.
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