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Originally Posted by dissention

Thing is, this material is never going to be made commercially available. From what I've heard, the tapes themselves have considerable noise and sound very dated, especially for studio and soundboard material. I don't think anyone is going to want to invest in fixing them up, manufacturing the product, and marketing it if, at best, 5,000 copies are going to be sold. It isn't realistic.

The music itself really has no market value. With the exception of us die-hard fans, who in the hell has ever heard of Fritz? No one and we'd be the only people to buy the product. Plus, we can't even get Buckingham Nicks on CD, I highly doubt we'd get this stuff.
That's exactly my point. The BN master tapes got lost? Whatever. Lindsey's holding out.

It's a pipe dream that Fritz's stuff will ever be released. If Javier was in it for the music he'd post full songs. It's the money he could get if it was a release. How else do you explain it? Otherwise wouldn't he be willing to share?
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