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It really is such a shame they didn't add more to the set. I would've liked to have seen only one new song per member (sorry, Lindsey, but I much prefer Bleed to Demon), no outside solo hits, and drop Farmer's Daughter (never liked that song either). Anyways, this is what I would've liked to have seen on the tour or the special....

01 The Chain
02 Dreams
03 Everywhere
04 Gold Dust Woman
05 I'm So Afraid
06 Temporary One
07 Bleed To Love Her
08 Gypsy
09 Oh Daddy
10 Big Love
11 Landslide
12 Say You Love Me
13 Sweet Girl
14 Little Lies
15 Tusk
16 Sara
17 Isn't It Midnight
18 Not That Funny
19 Rhiannon
20 Second Hand News
21 Silver Springs
22 You Make Loving Fun
23 Go Your Own Way
24 Sisters Of The Moon
25 Don't Stop
26 Songbird

Now THAT, in my opinion, would be one hell of a comeback setlist especially while Stevie's voice still could've possibly handled Sisters miles better than she can nowadays.

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