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Gotcha. Yeah, I think that updating Rhiannon though helped compensate for your point that it will never capture Stevie's 1975-1982 performance; it provided a new version of the song, speaking to 1997 Stevie. Not as hardcore, but emotional in a different way.

I think I would count Everywhere as an updated song. As I said before, I'm still hoping they do something more exciting with Gypsy, as great as the one acoustic performance was. Gold Dust Woman, The Chain, and You Make Loving Fun were fine. I'm a fan of The Dance version of Dreams, which was great. I find I don't have many qualms with the classics in that set. The band really took the rehearsals and preparation seriously. But by now, following three more tours, I understand why some people feel certain songs have begun to sound stale; that definitely wasn't the case in 1997. That's why I wish the same effort was put into the planning this tour, where I have the feeling not as much time was spent in rehearsals, especially since Stevie was spending some of that time promoting her documentary.

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