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I'm sure the tour will sell so that people can say they've seen "Fleetwood Mac", there's a lot in a name and people want to hear the hits. Considering people are going to see a Roy Orbison hologram on tour I doubt most people will be bothered they're not getting the authentic Rumours Five experience! (I'm surprised Mick didn't think of that - Fleetwood Mac - featuring the magical Lindsey Buckingham hologram )

That being said the prices they are charging are crazy! Looked over at Ticketmaster and the prices are double (taking into account the exchange rate) what I paid when I saw them in London in 2015. I wouldn't pay that to see the full band, let alone this new lineup!

Re Stevie's stories, I like it when artists talk to the audience during shows, it creates a connection with the audience.
Fleetwood Mac
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