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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
She is Fleetwood Mac. That's is hard to argue against.
If I had to choose, I would agree that Christine is "the voice of Fleetwood Mac," a voice that so regularly came through the radio when I was growing up: You Make Lovin Fun, Don't Stop, Little Lies, Everywhere..., and all her background vocals. And of course the Early Years as well.

Stevie has always had one of the most unique voices out there--her detractors might say 'to a fault.'
And Lindsey's voice has always been quite idiosyncratic as well IMO (such as tendency for it to be uncannily boyish ("Lindsey is a man?" my friends would say) or heavily altered in the studio).
So Christine's 'vanilla' voice doesn't stand much of a chance by comparison to these two. Yet her voice, too, is also very unique. Deep and business-like, without much acrobatics. Smooth and creamy, no froth.

When In the Meantime came out I liked the actual songs a lot but I was annoyed with the album itself--in that it was frustrating as an FM fan to have Say You Will over here and In the Meantime over there. But now, after seeing how everything has panned out 15 years later, I feel very lucky that we got this 'Perfectly produced' album. Very lucky indeed!

I was flabbergasted when, in some interview after rejoining FM, she made an offhand remark about ITM to the effect that "It probably wasn't very good." I understand and appreciate her self-effacing British manner, but it seemed a bit of a slight against her nephew and all the others who would have poured a lot of themselves into it. (It's not like her nephew has a Rumours he can fall back on, reputation wise.) In any case, in my perhaps unpopular opinion, ITM is leaps and bounds in front of BuckVie (from a Christine-centric perspective), so thank god (or Dan) that we have it.

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