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Originally Posted by Mr Scarrott View Post
Interesting choices, Fuzzy. I'm not sure you would be able to squeeze them onto two discs, though. Maybe I'll try listening to it to see how it hangs together as it seems a bit scattershot (although doubtless my selections do when you see them written down).

Nothing from Mr Wonderful and the original pressing of Then Play On seems a tad harsh though? I appreciate there are a couple of singles and rarities from that era included, though.

Which Angel, by the way?

Yeah, I wasn't sure either whether they'd fit on 2 discs or whether they'd need to be on 3. I'm not really sure how many songs can be put on a single disc these days... I just remembered The Beatles' 1 album has 27 tracks (though I know a lot of their songs were really short).

I'm not too disappointed about missing Mr W, though I was certainly conscious about Then Play On. Perhaps I could swap over one or two.'ve got me...???...Nicks' I think.

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