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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Can you tell me about the FM show you saw with Weston?
Sorry about replying so long after your question -it got lost in the shuffle ! I don't remember much at all- not because I was inebriated or anything, but I suppose, because it just was not very memorable. It was at City University in East London ,I think, and was very loud . I can't remember any particular songs, or any remarkable guitar playing that moved me . The truth is, since Peter's departure, I had continued to see the band (perhaps a total of six times ) out of loyalty to Mick and John, primarily I suppose, I bough every album , always hoping they could recapture some of the Magic of the Peter Green line up, when playing live , but after this concert I knew it was not going to happen, Every concert produced ever diminishing returns, so to speak , and I lost interest .Subsequently The Buckinham ,Nicks line up just didn't appeal -It was too middle of the road for me , I was not in California , I didn't relate to it at all .( I think I was a bit hard on them! ) Looking back on the BN era now ,they made some very good music and I certainly admire Lindsay as a fine guitar player and a great composer- Looking out for Love is a great song Finally ,I liked the Bob Welch era Mac, its wasn't as overwhelming as the Peter Green line up during the early months of 1970.-how could it be ?But I was not disappointed when I saw the Welch line up , but I certainly was by the time of this Weston gig !, Also ,funnily enough, though I followed ,Mick and John's live performances ,I didn't see Peter play live at all and didn't make much of an effort to do so despite the profound effect he had had on me ! Strange !
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