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Stern had a great tribute to Tom this morning. Tom never did the Stern show but it was not because Tom didn't want to. Tom refused to get up early to do the show. He wanted to pre-record the interview from LA or appear via satellite. Howard always wants to keep his show live. Although Howard has seen Tom in concert and even a private show that Tom did in someone's living room. The big debate was Petty vs Springsteen. They both do similar stuff with writings about personal experiences. they talked about would you rather drive across country with a greatest hits CD of Petty or Springsteen. Many in the studio said Petty. Some may not know but Petty declined Boys of Summer. After the song was rejected, it was offered to Don Henley which became his biggest solo it.
Tom could really write. All his albums are so good so its hard to pick a favorite but Damn the Torpedos is considered by "critics" to be his best work.
I love how the first verse of Edge of 17 is about Jane meeting Tom. That is forever in history and so freaking cool. That is also how Stevie got the name of her most iconic song thinking Jane said Edge of 17 instead of Age of 17.
With the horror in Las Vegas his passing is majorly over looked by the news media. Its mentioned but not at the level is would have been without the Las Vegas horror.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how
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