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Default Tom Petty Tribute

Instead of everyone posting the same obituary over and over and expressing grief on the Rumours board, I think its a good idea to create a tribute thread to Tom. Only positive things.
I was a Petty fan around 1982. I remember buying this awesome red Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers T shirt. It had one of those shiny iron on patches on the front. I cherished the shirt so much that I only wore it on special occasions. I did not like to wash it too much because those iron on patches faded The Heartbreakers had a sound like any good band does. Even without singing the music could let you know it was the Heartbreakers. I heard someone on the TV this morning sum it up pretty good. Tom never went pop but his songs somehow broke through and became popular. One of my favorite Petty albums is Pack up the plantation (1985). I played the hell out of that cassette. The Heartbreakers were so damn good live. Plus the album also included a live version of Needles and Pins with Stevie. I remember actually getting pissed when Tom went solo without the Heartbreakers. However his 1989 release was one of the biggest albums that year with multiple big hits. Tom was an excellent songwriter and his band was so good. Tom's music catalog is insane. Tom was a very honest and blunt person. He went full circle to flying the confederate flag at his concerts to discussing how it was wrong to do that. I just loved everything about Tom. You are a true rock legend.

"Well, maybe a little rough around the edges
Or inside a little hollow,
I get faced with some things, sometimes
That are so hard to swallow, hey hey hey
I was born a rebel, down in Dixie
On a Sunday morning
Yeah with one foot in the grave
And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebel"

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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