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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
When the Lindsey-Chris-Mick-John quartet made 'BuckVie,' Stevie was still in the band, so she has a claim on the name, at least equally with the other four.

The only problem with this is the 'Then Play On' precedent, in which a current member of the band (Jeremy) did not participate in recording the album, but the Fleetwood Mac name was still used. But that's a long time ago and everything was much different, so I think it's rather pedantic to use this as an argument for calling the current album "Fleetwood Mac."
Jeremy did appear on Oh Well, albeit briefly, although that track wasn't on the original pressing of the album. It's hard to imagine Jeremy's style meshing well with Danny and Peter on that album, somehow.

A better precedent is actually the Jeremy Spencer album released around the time of TPO. Was that a Fleetwood album? Danny, Mick and John were his backing band on that album and Peter also appeared on String-a-long which did find its way onto the Chain 4 disc boxset.

So, if Stevie had appeared on one track of Buckingham McVie, would that have made it a Fleetwood Mac song (or album)? On which philosophical conundrum, I will say Good Night...
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